Thank you so much joining us at our Annual SHB Events. These events are designed for all to attend especially Veterans. Explore this page and learn more about the events and become active in the mission to support Veterans, especially Female Veterans and their families. We look forward to seeing you soon! Everyone is invited to attend. 

                             *SoldierFestival *March Maddness Mental Health Event

                   8th Annual

         Global SoldierFestival

                  July 30-Aug 1 2021

*Black Tie Gala  *Outdoor Festival

Concert-Buff Bone Jazz Dillard
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March Maddness Mental Health Expo

March 27-Virtual

March 28-In person(5835 Executive Center Dr.)

This event is a very impactful event that provides

resources, products, and powerful guests that

speak life into survivors, give hope and provide

support. We thank everyone for their participation.