Our History

 A Hero’s Ball, which is now Support Her B.O.O.T.S.  is an idea that I feel was God given as a way to collaborate all of my experience and education in the field of business, marketing,networking and all that I have seen in those arenas.

I  wanted to do something that would bring those ideas and carry on the memory of my daddy… to bring awareness of available services to female Veterans in our community and to celebrate their service. On February 20, 2008 at 1:25 pm on the fifth floor of Presbyterian Hospital-Cancer Unit, after much, much, ope and prayer, God decided to transition Nathaniel S. Cook, the man I've known from birth from our present world, and things have never  been the same. So as I began to navigate a journey without daddy, in 2013 an idea was born: A Hero's Ball. This first started out as our family getting together and eating to celebrate his life, called the Seeds of Remembrance Dinner. I did want to do more but i didn't know what or how or with any real direction....


My father used to work for the Department of Social Services in both Mecklenburg and Union counties, where he handled case loads of information and assisted others in housing, jobs, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the other norms of a caseworker.

He also worked at the Children’s Home Society where he sought to place young people from foster homes into permanent families. He would take me and my brother to various events where we could find information and resources. My goal of the A Hero's Ball Resource Fair and Gala  events is for me to give back what he gave to us; through his community efforts and service for our country as he served in the United States Marine Corps as a First Lieutenant beginning in 1977. For those who choose to participate, whether attending events, becoming a  partner, making a donation, following us on social media, or developing relationships with the many women that need our help, you too will continue the legacy of Nathaniel S. Cook of making a difference in the lives of others. As every birthday passes (10/09) holidays, celebrations, and life milestones they are always bittersweet. They say it will get better with time but sometimes I feel like time starts back over every year. ......

If you share my vision, I urge you to connect with me and help make it happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference-- for our families, our communities, and our country. I am looking for fellow volunteers, businesses, and others who will join me in servicing the needs of Female Veterans in Mecklenburg County. We are a unique group with unique needs. We are mothers and service women, who fight battles at home and abroad. We welcome your financial contributions, collaborations, suggestions and referrals to make this vision a reality for our service women.

If you are a Female Veteran who needs assistance in the areas of  food, clothes, a home, child care needs, employment, education, or other resources please contact us.

"...Always keep in your in God..."

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