We are committed to providing you with the following services:
*Employment   *Housing          *Health/Wellness
*Financial Assistance *Legal and Claims Assistance*Education  *Basic Needs  *Workshops/Training
  Stay Connected..Events...Networking...Assistance...
Mission: To provide the "out of the box" needs for veterans, especially female veterans and support the community at large. We have a unique, customized, compassionate approach to servicing our veteran under our various programs. 
Vision: To decrease the barriers that veterans in transition and those currently serving face to ensure a  positive lifestyle.

"Thank you for paying our power bill during the holidays, money was low so we really appreciate it."

-Airman C. Walker 

"My wife recently had a stroke this year, so the gas card really assisted with her doctor's appointment."

-Sgt. A. Cochran

"I wanted to reach out and extend my grateful appreciation for what you have done for me and my children , I want to say that I thank you for helping me with

Finding daycare, giving&helping me with daycare placement,introducing me into employment opportunities

Assisting with get me a mailing address to be able to receive my mail"

-L. Johnson

Our  Success
July 24-August 1 2020
Tune in and join us for this VIRTUAL event as you hear from small, large, and home-based business along with nonprofit organizations.
This week will feature experts in the field of mental health, military sexual trauma, business credit, and more!
This VIRTUAL event features business from up and down the
 East and West Coast.